Environmental and Social responsibility

Everyone can help to make a difference

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Our suppliers and products 


It's our duty when developing products to guarantee that we are committed to ethical and sustainable work and supply chain practices. Therefore we ensure the factories we work with are ethical and environmentally friendly. All of our suppliers comply and agree to our terms and conditions and we have good working relationships with all suppliers. We ensure our suppliers comply with the REACH agreement and don’t use any banned or harmful chemicals. All of our electrical products are tested to comply with current safety regulations and all accessories and clothing is tested and labelled where necessary.


The Environment


As a travel and outdoor brand the environment is very important to us and promoting looking after the planet is a topic close to our hearts. We do actively encourage the recycling of any of our packaging and label it with the recyclable symbol where required. We only send electronic receipts to reduce paper waste. All of our parcel bags are 100% recyclable brown paper and we don't use plastic delivery bags. Where possible we reduce the use of plastics and use card board packaging and would never use double blister packaging it's really wasteful! However, we are not angels and must admit its extremely difficult to cut plastic out completely as you are faced with the issue of damaged goods in transit and in stores. It's also more difficult being a smaller independent brand with less bargaining power than big retailers. We apologise to the environment for this but working to be plastic free by 2020. 




Our products are good quality and designed to last. In an age of disposable fast fashion, we want to offer you good quality products that are timeless with longevity in mind. It’s good for the environment and for your bank balance! We encourage you to travel light and buy only what you need, love your belongings and look after them so they become well travelled, like we hope you do too! Our travel adapter comes with a zip bag to keep it safe and damage free so you don't have to buy another one. 


Save the planet 


We sell and promote the use of reusable products such as canvas bags and reusable water bottles. They're so much better for the environment than disposable plastics and they're well worth the investment. We have partnered with See bin See Change which is a collection of Marine Biologists who are passionate about the environment and are working towards bettering our world oceans through raising public awareness. 

Here at Yugen Explore HQ our employees are passionate about the environment and believe that even the smallest gestures can help to make a difference. We would recommend the below advice:


  • Take only memories, leave only footprints. 
  • Use BPA free plastic bottles and don’t buy the throw away bottles on a regular basis. They’re wasteful and can be bad for your health. Plus what’s wrong with good old fashioned tap water?!  (Only if you're in a country it's safe to drink of course.)
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Use a canvas bag not plastic carrier bags.
  • If you’re not using it, switch it off!
  • Switch off the tap whilst you brush your teeth…
  • Don’t put cotton buds down the toilet.
  • Plant a tree…. Ok so we’re currently working on this one at Yugen Explore, stay tuned!
  • Don't use plastic straws. 
  • Use a plastic container instead of cling film to keep food fresh. 
  • We support meat free Mondays and being flexitarian. 
  • Join a local beach clean or litter pick, it's very rewarding! 


If you've got any further questions about our environmental and social policies we're happy to answer them.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”     

- Mahatma Gandhi