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Iona's Adventures

We want to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to get outside and go on adventures, because the world is yours to explore.


Whether that's travelling to the other side of the world or right here in your back garden. There are so many benefits to being outdoors and going on adventures opens up a whole new world of meeting new people and getting fit along the way. By now we should all know how beneficial to our health and well-being getting outdoors more is. If you weren’t aware then these are a few reasons why;


  • Being outside helps with mental health
  • Exercise and being outdoors improves academic performance and physical health
  • Just being in nature can help to reduce your stress levels
  • Sunlight helps to reverse seasonal affective disorder (SAD) 
  • Your body must have Vitamin D which we get from sunlight to absorb calcium and promote bone growth
  • Taking a break from technology and more importantly our phones is a massive bonus 
  • Being outdoors is just generally awesome! 



That being said we are all guilty of coming up with excuses to not go on mini adventures as much as we should. We’ve discovered that one of the main reasons being “I have no-one to go with” it can be hard to meet new people outside of your friend zone and find like-minded people to go off on an adventure with. When you’re travelling or overseas it seems a lot easier to meet new people therefore we decided to promote doing it in the UK too. It’s time to fight the stigma around meeting strangers and realise that social media can be used to connect like-minded people across the UK. How exciting and refreshing to think you can post in a group on Facebook that you want to go hiking or camping and random people will join your adventure! We think it’s epic and there’s a huge movement of people that agree. 



About Iona


After gifting a first aid kit to the lovely Iona for her charity hike we soon became Instagram friends. Iona is a lovely wee adventurer from Aberdeenshire in Scotland, she’s training to be a Mountain Leader and loves going off exploring as much as she can when she's not busy being a nurse. With a passion for adventure and the ambition to bring people together and get more people outdoors she created the wonderful group on Facebook that is Iona Adventure. With a few successful group hikes under her belt and an ever growing number of like minded adventurers the love and support so far from total strangers has been phenomenal. She’s already done such an amazing job connecting people from around the UK and there’s no sign of it stopping there. It seemed only natural that we’d team up with such a great cause to get as many people outside as possible!






We’re excited to be collaborating and supporting her new adventure group on Facebook to arrange an epic meet up in Scotland. So we’re asking you to join us for the ultimate adventure weekend bringing people together in the heart of the Cairngorms to camp and hike, exploring some of Scotland’s most incredible mountains 🏔


The nitty gritty of it: 


The most important part is that it’s free, it’s not an organised tour it’s purely a meet up group for like-minded individuals that have no-one to explore the beautiful country that is Scotland with. That or you just want to meet some cool new adventurous people. 

We will be pitching up on Friday the 26th October at the beautiful Glenmore campsite right next to Loch Morlich with views to the Cairngorm Mountains 🏕 This is the last weekend before the campsite closes for the season so it’s a great opportunity to fit in some camping if you haven’t already. You’ll be expected to provide your own equipment. The nearest train station is in Aviemore, just a 20 minute drive away so we’ll be doing lifts for those of you who’ll be arriving by public transport. Get booking so you can secure the cheapest seats!

Pitches are £36.60 for 2 nights so if you have an adventure buddy to share your tent with then you can split that cost between you. 

We’ll be walking on Saturday and Sunday for approx 6-8 hours each day so Iona will confirm routes nearer the time.

Loch Morlich is the most stunning sunset location so fingers crossed for good weather...but it is Scotland after all so no guarantees! Friday and Saturday evening will be full to the brim with camp fun and some of our adventurers will be sharing their outdoor experiences. If you have an incredible story you’d like to tell then please let us know.


We would love for you to come and get involved in our epic adventure and join the movement of strangers that become adventure friends. What're you waiting for?


Join Iona's Adventures on Facebook and check out the event page. Follow her on instagram @ionaadventuring to keep up to date with all of her adventures. Alternatively if you don't have Facebook feel free to email us for more information or to collaborate on the adventure freedom@yugenexplore.com




*** The boring but important bit…This weekend is adults only and as always a reminder that Iona is not a mountain leader (yet..!) so coming on this trip is completely at your own risk. Iona and Yugen Explore are doing this voluntarily because we want to create a huge adventure for everyone and accidents and injuries are not covered by any insurance it’s completely at your own risk 🌍 Check out Iona Adventure on Facebook for more information and how to book the campsite.  ***



We look forward to meeting you all and embarking on an epic Scotland adventure! 

Yugen Explore