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If we cant help you we'll point you in the right direction

We aren't even going to try and give you the information first hand because the government have done a great job already. We're just pointing you in the right direction. Make sure you check out the information on the country or countries you'll be visiting. Don't just presume the entry requirements for each country are the same just because they are in the same continent. Give yourself plenty of time for visas and injections.
These are the sections you'll find useful:

Safety and security


Local laws and customs

Entry requirements


Natural disasters

Travel advice help and support

For Australian residents visit: http://smartraveller.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx

Visa and entry requirements

Make sure you check out whether you need a visa before you travel to a country and don't out stay your welcome. You can find yourself stuck in a country if your visa has expired and it's defnately not worth the risk. 

Make sure you've got a valid passport which hasn't expired and has at least 6 months left on it. Some countries won't let you in otherwise so check the validity entry requirments on the gov website for each country. 




Make sure you’re prepared and save enough time to get the right injections. Always check the area you’re going to and see if you’re in a high risk area. That being said don’t let doctors scare you into thinking you need them everywhere as they are over precautious. Think about whether you’ll be going into the jungle, whether you’ll be in contact with animals or whether you just need them for a short time on your trip. Malaria tablets can be expensive and have negative side effects so only take them if you need them. Check out the gov website and also some blogs about the area you’re going to and make an informed decision. The NHS provide a lot of vaccinations free or usually the cheapest you'll find so be sure to check them out first. 

The fit for travel site is also useful and informative so it's definitely worth having a look.


Health and safety

Have a health problem, google translate will be your saviour. Failing that saying things in English in a foreign accent is also quite amusing for everyone. Seriously though google translate is amazing and you can download an offline version!  

When you get to a new place ask at the hostel about the area if it's safe. Find out whether you can take your phone out with you and if you're safe to be walking about at night or to call a taxi. A lot of countries use Uber now which is a great way to ensure you're getting a licensed taxi and know you're not getting ripped off. 


Terrorism and Natural Disasters

It makes us extremely sad that we even have to mention these issues. However, they are becoming more common in society and the world we live in. We think it's amazing that it doesn't stop you traveling and exploring the world and it will never stop us either! We know all too well that these issues can happen anywhere. Just make sure you check the country before you travel for any alerts or recent goings on. Have your wits about you, stay safe and keep on spreading the love!