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Travel often, travel light, travel cheaply... sleep on a strangers couch?!


Hostels, hotels and accomodation

Here are some of our favourite websites for booking accomodation or recommended sleeping arrangements:



Best place to book hotels, great for a bit of luxury and also we find it the best site to use for UK travel. They also offer deals and a free cancellation policy which can be very useful if your plans change. 


Hostel world

Best for travelling alone, meeting new people and traveling on a budget. You can get the app and pay the deposit beforehand, great review service from other travellers and can be used world wide. It's a great way to know where like minded travellers will be staying and the reviews are really accurate and give a good idea of whether it's more of a party hostel or a place to chill out. 



A relatively new site that has independant hostels in Bath, Oxford and also New Zealand. The hostels are centrally located and offer a fun, friendly atmosphere. 


Air bnb 

A good way to meet the locals, have some peace and quiet or good if you're in a group and want to rent out a house. 


Couch surfing.com

The best way to meet locals and experience real life in a new area. Super cheap way of crashing on someone's sofa, you usually just get them a gift or buy them dinner and no money is exchanged. Sometimes best in a pair so you feel safe. You can meet friends for life this way and meet people you wouldn't normally, the weird and the wonderful. But that's what traveling is about right?  



A cheap way to experience the great outdoors and possibly sleep under the stars. What better way to be at one with nature and wake up next to the ocean or stunning scenery with no one else around? Just make sure you've got the right equipment and a warm sleeping bag encase the temperature drops at night! There are lots of free camp site apps depending on which country you go to so look that up before hand to scope out the free spots. 



Our favourite ways to get around be it by land or air:



Best site for booking flights. Make sure you have private browsing otherwise the airline monitors your history and will increase the flight cost, the same goes for any airline booking site. Check out their best time to book section to know when to get the cheapest flights and always select whole month if you're flexible to see the cheapest dates. 



Always try to book a taxi through your hotel or with a licensed firm rather than flagging one down in the street. We prefer to use Uber so you can pre-pay the fair so no money has to be exchanged and you have a record of the whole journey. You'll be surprised at the places that use Uber now. 


Rock up to the bus station 

If you can't book bus tickets online then go to the bus station before you intend to travel. Sometimes you can just trun up with your bags and hope for the best but if you're close it's always best to go down the day before and get your ticket from the bus station. No need to pay commision to the hostel just do it yourself it's so much cheaper and you can often barter them down for a cheaper fare. 


Barter, barter and barter

The lonely planet is pretty good at giving you a rough idea of taxi fares from the airport to whichever part of the city and speaking from experience its quite accurate and a good guideline to follow. Taxi's will hike up their prices at the airport because they know you're fresh meat so act confident and ask for a lower price. A lot of blogs will tell you how much the average fare is so don't get ripped off. Don't worry though we've all been there, you're tired and disorientated and you just want to get to the hostel. The key is to learn from your mistakes and don't get ripped off twice. The worst they can say is no, so don't be shy. You can also negotiate for buses, tuk tuks's, bikes and boats, some are fixed prices but it's worth asking especially if you're in a group.