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Sofar Sounds: bringing people around the world together through music


Sofar sounds


For me travelling is about meeting new people, seeing and doing things you would never normally do and generally feeling inspired about life. Whether that’s discovering a new career path, being inspired to travel more or just to try new things. One of the biggest aspects of my life and has been for years is music. I have been to gigs and festivals around the world. From a techno festival in Argentina, a Bob Marley tribute in Thailand, Indie gigs in Sydney and a drum and bass night in Amsterdam, just to name a few! (I’ve also done the old standard but essential season in Ibiza but that’s another story!) Music lovers around the world will understand how important music is and how it brings people together. Variety is the spice of life and by listening to and appreciating different types of music I have met some slightly weird and truly wonderful people. Whether you’re sat around someone’s guitar on a beach somewhere, dancing on the bar in a hostel or just having that one song that reminds you of a time you were travelling. Music brings people together, some might say it makes the world go round! 




Sofar sounds secret gig in Sydney 

The happiest and most inspired I have felt by music was at a recent secret gig in Sydney. Not many of you will have heard of Sofar sounds. It started in 2009 in London and has now reached over 400 cities from around the world. The story is that 2 guys Rafe Offer and Rocky Start invited some friends over to their London flat for a low-key, intimate gig. Eight people gathered in their living room to listen to live music performed by friend and musician Dave Alexander. What started as a hobby quickly escalated and I think it’s truly amazing how they have managed to spread the love and sound of new music across the world. These are intimate gigs in people’s front rooms or gardens for free or a small amount. Gigs where they don’t need a bouncer or security. Where everyone brings their own alcohol and sits in silence in awe and appreciation of the music. As I looked around the garden the sun began to set and the little solar lights hung around the garden started to shine. I saw people from around the world, from all walks of life, joined together in a random garden to appreciate the amazing talent.  


I almost shed a tear, a tear of happiness and appreciation. I am so grateful not only for this experience but for every experience and person I have met whilst traveling. There are some awesome people in this world that have an idea and want to share it with the rest of us and this idea for me is up there with the greatest. To me this is what traveling is about, I salute you Sofar sounds for sharing the love and the talent. I only hope people have been as inspired as me and I think everyone should experience this in their life. 




On moving back to the UK, I went to a Sofar gig in Sheffield too and wasn’t sure what to expect after the awesomeness of Sydney. I am pleased to say Sheffield did not disappoint. With 2 amazing solo singers ironically, one was Jack Carty from NSW (Australia) and then a totally unexpected but brilliant jazz band just topped the night off! It was hosted in the conservatory of a huge house by a family that filled their home with about 40 random strangers, in order to bring people together through music. I yet again left feeling inspired, happy and like I wanted to share the love that is Sofar sounds. 




There’s a massive world out there and whether you choose to travel close to home or the other side of the world. I urge you to travel, meet new people and try new things. Start by trying something new and looking for your local Sofar Sounds gig, or if you’re already travelling look for one near you. I hope you love it as much as I do!


One of my favourite lines from a song at Sofar in Sydney…

“I hate that houses become homes, I’d rather keep mine where I go”


Keep on travelling, spread the love and inspire others with your tales, tell us your Sofar stories in the comments, we would love to hear all about it! 


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