Our Mission

To inspire people to experience their own moments of Yugen

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Our mission 

With a love for travelling and adventure, combined with a desire to inspire and help others, Yugen Explore was born.



Speaking from experience we know that it’s difficult to know where to go travelling, what to take and what to expect. If you don’t know much about traveling, the great outdoors or where to find technical and practical gear advice it can be quite difficult and time consuming. It's usually stressful packing up, leaving your life behind and jetting off into the unknown, so we want to help you.

Here at Yugen Explore we have combined our knowledge and passion to bring you products, advice, inspiring stories and photos from around the world. For two years we have worked tirelessly on worldwide market research and producing not only great products but a brand that will mean so much to so many people. We offer quality products that are affordable, with the traveller in mind. Our aim is to be a sustainable company that aims to keep plastic waste to a minimum whilst ensuring suppliers meet our ethical standards. 

We collaborate with worldwide photographers, designers and explorers to bring you what we perceive as the most inspirational and exciting material. We want as many people as possible to see the amazing sights and wonderful people the world has to offer. You don't have to be rich. You don't need to be well travelled, or come from a family of travellers. Hell, as daunting as it seems you don't even need a friend to go with. All you need is a passport, a bit of kit and a little advice that will go a long way.

(Obviously you need travel insurance, a tooth brush and to stuff your underwear in your shoes but that didn't sound quite as inspiring.)


All of our products are designed to last with you, the customer and the traveller in mind. We extensively research and test all of our products to ensure they are built to last and to the highest standard. We want everyone to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Whether it's close to home or the other side of the world we know how important adventure and getting outside is


We love to get your feedback on our products, information or blogs. Or just get in touch and tell us about your traveling experiences and help to inspire others along the way. 



Yugen Explore.