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5 ways to help the environment

Leigh Rose


Here are 5 things that we do to help the environment and 5 easy steps that you can take to help save the planet. 


5 things that we do to help the environment. 

It's super important to us that we promote people going travelling and exploring this amazing planet that we live on. However, we love this planet and know that there is no 'Planet B'. We know that garment and accessory production isn't great for the enviornment, so we are doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the damage that is done to the environment. We strive to promote recycling and people being conscious and aware of their buying choices. We want you to know the things that you as consumers can do to help save the planet, one plastic bottle less at a time!



1. Send parcels out in cardboard and recyclable packaging.

Yes, it would be easier and cheaper to use the standard plastic bags however we have made the decision to only use recyclable postage bags and paper. This includes eco-friendly tape that uses water-based glue so is better for the environment than regular tape which uses more harmful chemicals. It’s not the end solution but it’s a step in the right direction.  



2. We don’t send paper receipts and invoices

When you order from us you’ll notice there’s no paper receipts or invoices in the package we only email invoices out. We see it as a waste of paper because no one really keeps them anyway!  



3. Reduce the amount of plastic used on our packaging 

Being a small company this one can be difficult so we’re not angels but we have done the best we can. We don’t have as much bargaining power as the big retailers but trust us we are doing our very best to demand no plastic and where we absolutely have to, recyclable plastics. We refuse to use double blister packaging on any of our products it’s totally unnecessary, a waste of a lot of plastic and so hard to open!    



4. Encourage a sustainable future 

We ask that people look after their travel products and offer good quality products that are built to last. For example, our worldwide travel adapter comes with a little zip case which means it’s protected and you only need to buy one to use around the world.  Please can we stop buying a cheap travel adapter and losing it in the first hostel! With our clothing we have staple lines and colours and won’t change these as we hate fast fashion. We also encourage people to buy steel and reusable water bottles and canvas bags to stop using disposable plastics. It’s so wasteful to buy with a disposable attitude, buy one and keep it for a lifetime. 



5.    Partner with See Bin Sea Change 

See Bin, Sea Change is a collection of Marine Biologists who are passionate about the environment and are working towards bettering our world oceans through raising public awareness. They host talks and events in the community to bring people together to not just highlight the issues around plastic pollution, but to also share ideas and discuss possible solutions.  We are happy to be a contributor at the next See Bin Sea Change event on 30/11/2018 (that's a Friday afternoon) at the Lord Mayors chambers in Guildhall, Southsea, Portsmouth. We hope to see some of you there! 



5 steps that you can take to help the environment


1.    Canvas tote bag

Buy a canvas tote bag for your shopping instead of using plastic carrier bags, they’re so bad for the environment. Whether you choose to buy a canvas bag from us or someone else please buy one, abuse the bag not the planet! 

Click here for our save the planet bag





2.    No plastic straws

Say no to plastic straws. This one’s simple and a no brainer on just saying no. Once you start thinking about it, why does anyone need to use a straw for 3 minutes to drink their drink then it never be used again? Please just refuse the straw and if you or your children like straws buy a metal reusable one. 



3.    Reusable water bottle

Buy a steel or reusable plastic water bottle instead of using disposable water bottles. Buying single use water bottles is extremely wasteful and the plastic used isn’t intended to be used multiple times so can be harmful if you keep them for a while. It’s also a lot cheaper to refill your own bottle. If you do still want fizzy drinks, it’s better to buy a big bottle and fill up your reusable one, rather than constantly buying small ones and throwing away the plastic. 

Click here for our Meraki steel water bottle




4.    Cling film or cling wrap

Not many people realise that cling film cannot be recycled. The box and the inner tube can, however the actual cling film lives up to its name and ‘clings’ to the planet! If you need to keep food fresh put it in tupperware. You may have never even thought about this but now hopefully you’ll agree how wasteful it is. Is cling film useful? Yes sometimes. Does it warrant wrapping that sandwich up to take it to work for a few hours to then sit in landfill for decades? Definitely not. Tupperware wins every time! 



5.    Meat free Mondays 

Eat less red meat… so none of us at Yugen are vegan, or even 100% veggie but we do support meat free Mondays. Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water and also causes immense animal suffering. A shift towards a more vegetarian diet is needed to help combat the effects of climate change. The main culprit is red meat and more specifically beef, too much of it also has a negative impact on our health. We’re not saying cut it out completely but just be conscious and cut down on red meat because every little helps. 



Everyone’s a hypocrite though right and we’re not going to sit here and say travel less. We know it’s one of the worst thing most humans do, that has a negative impact on the environment. Travel on a bus, in a car or on a plane yes, they’re all bad for the environment. Ditch the transport and walk, cycle or just car share wherever possible. Keep on exploring but just make a conscious effort to offset your footprint, try to balance it out by doing your bit and looking after the environment in other ways. Using plastics straws, carrier bags and single use plastics is totally unnecessary and we all need to help combat this issue… Travelling the world? We’re afraid is totally essential.   


We hope you liked our top 5 tips, let us know in the comments if you have any tips for helping the environment. 


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