Meet the people behind Yugen Explore

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The Yugen Explore Team


At Yugen Explore we have been working hard to bring you a fun brand that is more of a lifestyle and community. A brand to inspire more people to get outside and explore our amazing Planet. We believe that life is for living, and that the world is yours to explore! 


Grace Wilson

I would probably say that I am the face of Yugen Explore. You may have seen me on our social media, at events or arranging hiking meetups. My biggest passion in life is travelling, I have travelled to lots of different countires and have lived in Spain and Australia. My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to travel the world and go on adventures. I want people to experience the amazing countires and cultures that I have been lucky enough to encounter. With a creative background in Product Development and Buying, I have worked for a variety of fashion, sports and outdoor brands with a focus on quality, sustainability and ensuring ethical supply chains. I am really passionate about the environment, promoting reusable products and ensuring we reduce our plastic waste wherever possible. I want to encourage a sustainable future and people to buy products that they love and are built to last. People are buying into our brand ethos and community, they aren't just buying a travel adapter. Another passion of mine is to get more people outdoors and exploring closer to home, because I know unfortunately we can't travel all of the time. It's important for the mind, body and soul and thats why we do the hiking meetups for everyone. I also just love meeting new adventurous people that support our mission and brand! 





Ben Maxfield

Ben Maxfield is the other half of Yugen. Ben has travelled the world extensively. A true adventurer at heart Ben is a skier, climber, surfer,  motor bike rider and in recent years a keen skydiver. After working in the best adventure planning and marketing departments in the world, Ben then founded BXM Expeditions, the largest expedition company in the UK. Ben was also instrumental in creating a large expedition and camping brand. Still a travel guru at heart, he is often found planning travel adventures for big brands to help boost their social media content. A true believer in the shaka and if you see the tattoo on his back, you may see some of where our inspiration came from on some of the t-shirts.





We thank everyone for the love and support so far for the brand and look forward to meeting more Yugen Explorers in the future. Please follow us and tag us in your adventures @yugenexplore


Thank you,

Yugen Explore team