Travel opens your eyes

A new perspective on the world through travel

A new perspective on the world through travel


Depending on where you are, as I wrote this blog you may have been asleep. Most likely you had to get up in the morning and work just like the rest of the world. Now here you find yourself reading this blog.
Even if you've only stumbled across a few sentences, or perhaps you’re drawn to the photo, without a doubt there was an interest in travel, a desire and an ambition there.
I find that these days with society, we're relying on other people for motivation. Young people will come out saying they have dreams and ambitions, yet they either don't know how to go about them or have no motive to use the tools that are put forward to them and execute it into practice.
Which makes a nice topic for today's blog "A new perspective on the world through travel."

Travelling to meet the family 

Back in September 2013 l travelled with my partner at the time, from Sydney to Indonesia. The main purpose of this trip was to meet his family, and to celebrate the togetherness of our relationship.
This was the first-time l had met his family. I had only had contact with them over the phone. When l first met my partner, l was a young 18-year-old, who was still trying to find myself.
I grew up in a non-religious Australian family with a mother from Queensland and a father from England. I was always interested in exploring other cultures and ways of living from an early age, yet had no real plans for my future.
So, l found myself going to Bogor in Indonesia, where l met the parents. l can remember coming out from the airport and my sister in law welcoming me with a friendly hug. She then drove us to the family home where l met the parents. l was nervous about acceptance and how l would adjust to their lifestyle.
Communication between the family was hard as l relied on my partner to translate due to the language barrier, however this was something we could overcome. He came from a large family, and they all lived very close to each other. l participated in Eid, which in Indonesia is a religious event they take part in and the family threw us a wedding party to celebrate our commitment to each other.
All my doubts of travel were taken away. The family was welcoming and whilst l stayed with them for 3 months at their home l gained the most rewarding cultural experience. A new language, their religious practices and food, and it opened my eyes to how other people go about their lives. I also went to Malaysia and Singapore and was surprised at the difference between the two. The main one being that Singapore was such a clean place.
Think about this. Each person you walk by in your life could have changed how their life pans out by making one simple decision. You hear people say it all the time, they usually start with saying something along the lines of "if only l had started earlier" or "l wonder how my life would have been if l had done that".
Maybe you’re thinking that same thing to yourself right now. Don't let your life just pass before your eyes. Sometimes we are our worst enemies. We all need to keep in tune with ourselves, and l find the best way to do so is through travel. It's an exciting journey of putting yourself in other people’s shoes, stepping outside of your usual routine that you find yourself conditioned to. You can be proud of who you are, and where you came from and at the same time connect more with the world around you.
Traveling the world becomes your university of life, and to get the most out of it you need to actively engage yourself with it.
I'm sure your parents may drone on about clichés and quotes, yet it goes without saying, that you only get out what you put in. There’s a massive world out there just waiting for you to explore.
If you want it bad enough you will make it happen. Take a chance on yourself and trust me, you won’t regret it.
Natasha x
We hope you enjoyed Natasha's account of her first travel experience and how sometimes in life you just have to take that leap. Time waits for no one and neither should you.
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