Ultimate Hiking Checklist

Kit list recommendations

Ultimate hiking and camping checklist. 


It's really important that you don't forget anything when heading off on an adventure and you can never be too prepared. Obviously everything is optional and some things are weather dependant so add or remove where it suits you best. Don't forget that when you go hiking always take any rubbish with you, this includes taking your skins! Yes don't leave any fruit skins/peel behind, it's not the natural environment so can affect wildlife or soil. Leave only footprints, take only memories... and photos! 



Hiking essentials checklist





Daypack (waterproof cover if it’s not water repellent) 

Hiking Boots

Map and compass/mobile phone app such as OS with downloaded route

Mobile phone


Head phones

Rechargeable battery pack and phone cable

First aid kit


Insect repellent

Emergency survival blanket/shelter


Waterproof phone pouch/wallet (to keep phone handy for photos)

Walking poles

Baby wipes/tissue and waste bag



Food and drink


Reusable water bottle/bladder

1-2 litres of water (drink plenty before the hike)

Reusable cutlery


Snacks (fruit and energy bars etc)

Energy drinks with electrolytes 

Rubbish bag




Essentials for camping


Tent (check you have pegs and poles!)

Hammer for the pegs 

Ground sheet

Warm sleeping bag

Sleeping bag liner


Sleeping mat/air bed

Head torch

Spares of all the clothing in case they get wet

Trainers or change of shoes in case your boots are wet

Change of clothing for the evening

Thermals/warm pyjamas for sleeping in

Microfibre travel towel


Hand sanitizer

Compact mirror

Flask/coffee cup

Stove, gas and lighter



Things to note:


  • Multiple layering is always better than one thick layer. Heats gets trapped between layers so the more layers the better! 
  • Lip balm with SPF. Even when it's cold it can be sunny up on the mountains. This will also help to prevent dry cracked lips. 
  • Freeze dried food pouches or food that you add water to are lightweight, compact and you don't have to worry about it going off. 
  • Tea/coffee sachets or use powdered milk
  • A change of clothes and shoes in case you get wet
  • Swimwear if there's a lake for swimming 
  • Jelly babies are always a good snack as they don't freeze or melt and provide a good source of energy and sugar


This is not a definitive list and obviously you will need to tailor it to suit the conditions you will be hiking in. If you will be in extreme cold or hot weather we would recommend that you research additional checklists as well as our packing list. 


If you can think of anything else you'd recommend or usually take hiking please do let us know in the comments. 


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