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There are so many amazing places in the world to visit that it can be hard to choose! Let us help you.

The places you should add to your bucketlist of places to visit 


1. India





For us this is a place you will find nowhere else in the world like. A place full of amazingly friendly, happy and content people. Checkout one of the many festivals like Holi Colour or Diwali.There's also some pretty crazy music festivals like Sunburn or NH7 Weekender, the vibe and atmosphere here are like no other. 

Visit the slums in Mumbai, although its heartbreaking to see, it's an eye opener and you're helping give back to the slums by paying for a tour. See the true beauty of the Taj Mahal which is one of the new 7 wonders of the world. 

Take an infamous train ride and see the rural beauty of India. Cleanse your soul and wash away your sins in the river ganges or watch a sunrise or sunset from a boat. Go on a camel safari and camp out under the stars in the Rajasthani desert. Visit some of the most remote buddhist monestaries on a spiritual retreat in Leh, Ladakh. Go on a once in a lifetime adventure in the Himalayas. Experience the craziness of New Delhi. Or check out the amazing beaches in Goa. 

All in all India is an impressive country with lots of history, culture and scenery just waiting for you to discover. 



2. Peru‚Äč




Peru has so much to offer, from the depths of the jungle to exploring sacred valleys and ancient ruins off the beaten track. Seeing how people live and dress in the rural areas here is like stepping back in time. With the big skirts and hats and wicker baskets carried on their backs. Of course trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one not to be missed. The ancient ruins are wondrous and there's different treks to choose, from the classic Inca to a fun packed jungle activity trek. You need to stay in Cusco before hand to acclimatise to the altitude. You'll be surprised how out of breath you get walking up the hills, you'll also be surprised how many days you can loose days partying in this ancient city. It's also a great place to get your Alpaca Gap Yaar jumper and scarf! 

From Peru you can explore the Amazon jungle, see how native tribesmen live and cross paths with some of the most incredible species in the world. Visit the floating islands in Lake Titicaca and stay with a local family to experience how they live. Eat your way through Lima with amazing Peruvian cuisine. Visit the Plaza or find out some history, it's also a great place to party before or after you go off trekking.

From sandboarding to beaches, canyons to mountains. Peru's landscape is vast and remarkable and a thrilling place for an adventure.



3. Norway





This is a country that is synonymous with beautiful landscapes, green fields, forests, mountains and of course fjords. The beauty of the fjords attracts travelers and will find itself on many a bucket list. Norway is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights and it's an experience of a lifetime. The Northern Lights are basically a ballet dance of striking lights in different colours that dance across the night sky.

Norway have a wealth of wildlife especially in the winter months where you can see elk and reindeer amongst other animals. Some aspects of their history that might interest you are The Vikings that ruled the land, Trolls in old folk law and the medievil churches. All of which are fascinating to discover and learn about and play an important part in their culture. 

If you're a foodie then you should know that fishing and fish are really popular as well as waffles being the most common street food. Norweigan's are passionate about their coffee and actually drink more than any other country in the world, you'll find an array of cute cafes scattered around. What more could you possibly want? 



4. Vietnam





Vietnam has something for everyone and you won't leave here without fond memories. If you revel in history and culture then this is the place for you. Vietnam is one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia and has a somewhat complicated yet extremely interesting history. With influence from the Chinese, Khmer, and Indian cultures, as well as French colonialism there's lots to learn and understand. The many war sites, memorials and museums are fascinating and eye opening and you may just come away with a whole new perspective on the Vietnam War. 

If you're more into beaches then there are many stunning ones here to choose from. Perhaps shopping is more your thing, Vietnam is well known for its speedy tailor services and they can wizz you up a suit or a dress which can be shipped back home for you. There are also an adundance of markets so be sure to save space for gifts or memorabilia, Watch out for the fake branded goods on every corner, don't be conned into thinking you're buying the real deal. The food here is exquisite. It's fresh, healthy and extremely cheap. The street food here is a must, from Pho noodle soup, Banh Mi, sticky rice and seafood, you definately don't need to be cooking in the hostel. Vietnam in general is pretty cheap and the accomodation and transport are also reasonably priced. The best way to travel is by motor bike if you're experienced or by over night bus up or down the coast. Just be prepared for the bumpy roads and crazy driving. 

The social and drinking culture here is really fun and you'll find yourself sat outside in the streets on small plastic chairs with the locals. A lot of Vietnamese students tend to love to talk to tourists to learn English so be polite and ask for some tips on the area. 

Vietnam has amazing lakes and mountains and there's plenty of adventure and amazing scenery here. It's also home to Halong Bay which is one of the natural wonders, be sure to visit here on a boat trip and kayak through the waters, it's sure to be a highlight of your trip. 


5. Japan





Traveling is as much about trying the local food as it is about the scenery. For all you Sushi lovers out there you will be in your element here. Japan is reknown for it's beauty during the blossom season, this typically takes place in early April. Don't worry about the language barrier and lack of signs as the super friendly people make up for this. There's an abundance of adventure from Skiing in Niseko to hiking in one of the many national parks or mountains. For all you fashionistas out there you'll know that Tokyo's fashion is second to none and you'll be amazed at the outlandish and vibrant trends. Japan will be hosting the next Olympic Games in 2020 and have claimed that the Games will be out of this world. So if it's not already on your list, then it definitely should be! 



6. New Zealand





New Zealand is world famous for being the setting for the Lord of the Rings, and we can definitely see why it was chosen. A country with unspoiled and diverse landscapes will leave you speechless at it's beauty. With breath taking scenery from subtropical forests, beaches and offshore islands in the north to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains and large flat plains in the south.

New Zealand has a diversity like no other place on earth, you will also find fjords, volcanoes, hot springs and green pastures to marvel. If you're in to adventure and activities then this is the place for you. There's pretty much everything an adrenaline junky could ever want, sky diving, snowboarding, skiing, swimming, surfing, horse back riding, kayaking, hiking and of course bungee jumping that was invented here. Travel across the country is pretty easy with a good road network so perfect to rent a car or a campervan. Who doesn't love a road trip! It's super safe and the crime rate is extremely low so you'll have no problem traveling alone or being a woman. The locals or 'kiwi's' as they are known are reknown for being really friendly and welcoming. They have a good sense of diversity here with the Maori people still playing a big part in their culture. A country where the population is sparse with masses of wildlife and adventure. You're sure to have the trip of a lifetime, don't forget to visit the wineries and sample the world famous wines! 



7. Mongolia





You're rarely told as a child to go on holiday or visit these kinds of places so it's something we have to discover ourselves. Mongolia has somewhat untouched landscapes and here you can experience true nomadic culture. Ride on horse back across the desert among mountainous paths full of wildlife and take in the beauty of the country. Attend the national sports festival Nadaam, this is held every year in July. Watch the manliness of horse riding, wrestling and archery. Expect crowds but also lots of fun and booze. Sleep rough in a yurt under the stars or opt for a more glam luxury yurt with heated showers and comfy beds. Channel your inner buddhist and get spiritual by visiting The Erdene Zuu Khiid monastery, Mongolia's most important Buddhist site. Immerse yourself in Mongolia's only true city, Ulaanbaatar. Here you can spot Chinggis Khan carved 60 metres high into the hills surrounding, the man who founded an Empire, and Mongolias fiercist leader. 

Mongolia is one of the last surviving nomadic countires and you will be in awe at the people and landscapes. Now is the time to visit as change is in the air. Like many others, Ulaanbaatar has finally succumbed to the 21st century investors. So travel now before there's a Starbucks! 



These are only a handful of places we recommend you should visit. There are far too many destinations to list them all. Wherever you choose to go we hope you have an amazing time, happy travels! 


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